Who Are We?

CMGI is a pioneering company in the Polish market in the area of virtual
reality, offering the highest quality finished products in the form of
simulation systems.

CMGI offers:

  • Simulation systems of tactical actions for military purpose,
  • Simulators for  rescue and uniform services,
  • Specialised trainers based on wirtual reality system
  • Creating virtual maps of real terrain and 3d models, creating complex training scenarios and other developement services

Straton Logo Produktów


Research and production in the field of
systems combining virtual simulation with elements
of real environment, for the purpose of conducting
advanced exercises and training on
activities in which the key success factor
quick decisions in a dynamic
changing conditions. Activity focused on the defense industry,
institutions and organizations in shares
rescue in crisis conditions, industries
requiring maintenance training of heavy equipment (rail,
mining, construction).
Business expertise in the field of
defense and security areas
decision support systems development
simulation and crisis management.

Complementary activities, supporting implementation
projects in the field of defense and crisis management.

Design and construction of virtual
visualization of objects and historical events
combined with elements of the real environment for
the objectives of cultural, educational and entertainment and

The activities focused on the civilian market,
using experience in building systems
simulation for the defense industry.


  • Management Team having many years of experience in the industry and partner
    relationships with key customers in the area of military,
  • Programming and Analysis Team with unique expertise in scale of Polish
  • Advanced Technology products and a simulation environment used for
    training purposes.