Symulator Działań Taktycznych

STRATON TACTICS is a support system training for creating and managing virtual tactical and operational situation as a lead up to the trainees. The system is based on a virtual simulation environment VBS3

Widok Taktyczny


  • ability to generate tactical situations in every area, at any time of a year and day and
    any weather conditions, according to the needs and objectives of the exercise,
  • taking into account all factors: the military field, atmospheric, non-military,
    affecting the performance of the tasks
  • mapping task on the basis of decisions taken,
  • facilitate management of exercise
  • reducing the number of necessary staff
  • the reality of the situation and developments in accordance with the decisions taken
  • facilitating the evaluation of trainees and exercises, drawing conclusions
  • the ability to conduct research and experiments in the use of new equipment and new
    forms of tactical actions.
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