Symulator Lokomotywy

Straton Kolej is a comprehensive railway simulator which allows for advanced training of locomotive drivers. An innovative simulator consisting of a modernized driver’s cab equipped with internal and external visualization system, which allows the spatial perception that causes a real sense of movement.

Visualization system ensures maximum image similar to that which he sees before him a real driver of the vehicle traction under various conditions occurring in the environment, such as the seasons, time of day, normal and extreme weather conditions.

Straton Kolej
Symulator Koleji - wnętrze
Symulator koleji - widok z zewnątrz


Straton Railway through the appearance and interior cab driver
as close as possible to the cabin of the actual vehicle traction
provides comparable conditions of employment for trained person,
particularly in terms of:

  • the required overall dimensions,
  • ergonomics,
  • ventilation and temperature.

Straton Railway is an innovative simulator designed for advanced
training in different conditions and during complex scenarios, which would be
difficult to represent in reality.